Field Jerger represents creditors, debtors, equity participants, asset purchasers, third party litigants and other interested parties, giving us insight into all facets of the debtor-creditor relationship. We specialize in bankruptcy litigation to protect creditors’ rights and have represented a wide range of creditors — from individuals to major corporations — in bankruptcy court. We have served as counsel for official committees of unsecured creditors and for secured creditors and other parties in significant chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. In addition to our creditor work, we have represented numerous debtors with significant financial and legal issues. We successfully navigate debtors through the bankruptcy process and negotiate with their creditors to help them emerge from bankruptcy with financial stability. We also have extensive experience in defending and prosecuting preferences, fraudulent transfers, lien discharges, and dischargeability actions. When bad faith debtors retreat to bankruptcy to avoid fraud claims and judgments, we file adversary proceedings to remedy frauds and to collect money.
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Field Jerger is known for sophisticated representation in the areas of commercial litigation, bankruptcy, environmental law, intellectual property litigation, construction law and commercial collection. These departments have healthy overlaps and often lead to multi-disciplinary representation within our attorneys’ respective core practice areas.

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