Field Jerger attorneys are accomplished litigators — fastidious about every detail of the cases we select and the clients we represent.
  • We litigate each case in preparation for victory at trial and any subsequent appeal.
  • Our purposeful litigation and economic realities often lead to favorable pre-trial settlements.
  • When satisfactory pre-trial resolution is not possible, we passionately conduct trials and perform any necessary followup appeals work.

We directly represent clients and serve as trial attorneys for other attorneys, taking over when their cases fail to settle and approach trial or grow too complex. We serve as local counsel for major national and overseas law firms. We litigate commercial cases along with every order of financial fraud including real estate, investment and development deals gone awry. In today’s civil litigation environment, most trials are decided by the “preponderance of the evidence” standard, where the party the judge or jury deems 50.1% correct wins it all and the 49.9% correct party loses. In this environment, the finest minutiae of evidence and increment of credibility can determine who wins and who loses. In Oregon, two percent of civil cases make it through trial. These are often the high stakes matters and close cases. Trial success demands meticulous attention to the finest details including comprehensive mastery of the relevant facts and total understanding of the applicable law. Equally important are the ability to distill complex facts and circumstances into a simple and sympathetic courtroom presentation, and the talent to persuasively present in court.

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Field Jerger is known for sophisticated representation in the areas of commercial litigation, bankruptcy, environmental law, intellectual property litigation, construction law and commercial collection. These departments have healthy overlaps and often lead to multi-disciplinary representation within our attorneys’ respective core practice areas.

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