Commercial Collection

As successful litigators, Field Jerger has learned how to collect our clients’ judgments – both directly and in bankruptcy court. We collect commercial accounts and enforce out-of-state judgments in Oregon and Washington for creditors and other law firms from all over the country. We also collect professional fees for law firms and other professionals. Our extensive litigation experience in unwinding fraudulent transfers in state courts and bankruptcy courts allows us to recover from debtors concealing their assets.

Insurance Recovery

Insurance companies appreciate that Field Jerger understands their special needs and requirements, acquired through our work as local counsel in large coverage disputes and in direct defense engagements. Recognizing the insurance and litigation/collection experience of Field Jerger, insurers are increasingly relying on us for their Oregon work in subrogation, surety, fraud recovery and overpayment.
Members of:
  • National Association of Subrogation Professionals
  • National Association of Credit Mangers
  • Commercial Law League of America
  • American Bankruptcy Institute
Directory listings:
  • General Bar Law Directory
  • Columbia Law List
  • Commercial Bar Association
  • Martindale Hubble
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Field Jerger is known for sophisticated representation in the areas of commercial litigation, bankruptcy, environmental law, intellectual property litigation, construction law and commercial collection. These departments have healthy overlaps and often lead to multi-disciplinary representation within our attorneys’ respective core practice areas.

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