Litigation Cases

Commercial Litigation

Represented major Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer to stop gray marketer from fraudulently purchasing high-end television sets and selling them to unauthorized national discount warehouse. Located missing defendants, obtained state court orders and judgments, recovered inventory and cash and subsequently pursued follow up litigation in out-of-state bankruptcy court.


Represented major Chicago options and futures exchange in defense of claim for damages over ownership of a type of openly traded futures contract. Successfully litigated in state and federal courts. No damages or settlement paid.

Trade Secrets

Represented proprietor of national bottled coffee beverage when its manager expropriated a beverage and entered into his own joint venture with its bottler. Litigated in bankruptcy and US District Courts and 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Recovered significant cash settlement.

Insurance Coverage

Served as local co-counsel for two national firms for insurance carrier defending coverage claims in Archdiocese of Portland Bankruptcy Case. Coordinated significant aspects of coverage litigation law between law firms for multiple insurers.

Corporate Governance

Represented oppressed minority shareholders in litigation in two states to recover multi-million dollar settlement from control shareholders. Used proceeds to help fund oppressed minority shareholder litigation with local counsel in Hong Kong, resulting in the sale of major Hong Kong commercial properties and multi-million dollar recovery.

Probate Litigation

With local Hong Kong counsel, litigated inheritance of un-probated will from 1940’s helping recover millions of dollars for disenfranchised American and Canadian heirs to a significant Hong Kong estate.

Fraudulent Transfer

Won verdict in extended trial to recover real property and money in Canada and US from fraudulent transferee of judgment debtor with 27 judgments against him and elaborate, attorney-generated fraudulent transfer schemes from thirty years prior.

Boundary Dispute

Won unanimous jury verdict for property owners in rural Washington State when an out-of-state “religious order” encroached by erecting ancient-looking fences across wooded section of adjacent property owner’s land.


In multi-party litigation, recovered second home for widow who unknowingly lost it in a foreclosure sale when a family member forged her name.

Real Estate Development

Recovered money in multi-party, multi-forum litigation and control of LLC out of a bankruptcy for developer, after LLC’s managing members defrauded third parties resulting in judgments against the LLC’s $22 million industrial development.

Financial Fraud

Litigated to recover money from lumber traders on behalf of insolvent company, after the traders colluded to embezzle by overstating commissions and diverting lumber shipments.

Private Nuisance

Obtained injunctive relief for historical hotel against late night dance club. Court enforced noise ordinances that city had ignored for years. Resulted in closure of dance club.

Public Nuisance/Municipal Enforcement

Conducted trial for city attorney in city’s five year old lawsuit against a rock quarry to enforce city zoning ordinances. Prevailed at trial to prevent quarry from hauling rock through city streets, effectively closing quarry.

Breach of Contract

Recovered monetary settlement for shopping center developer in state court appellate mediation after investor bypassed developer in $11 million property purchase from chapter 11 bankruptcy trustee.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Sued and settled with realtor for his non-disclosed dual representation in multi-party commercial real estate transaction.

Partnership Fraud

Recovered diverted funds and damages from managing partner in real estate investment partnership on behalf of defrauded partner.

Contaminated Site Foreclosure

Prevailed at trial in multi-party strict foreclosure of land sale contract on contaminated site after court enjoined non-judicial forfeiture. Defeated counterclaims for contribution and indemnity for contamination.

UCC – Debtor/Creditor

Represented vendor of electronic stadium scoreboards after UCC filings lapsed when corporate mergers of stadium owners resulted in lapse of $75 million senior secured creditor’s lien priority. Resolution: Lien priority restored through negotiated multi-party forbearance agreements.

UCC – Sale Of Goods

Sued American beef supplier for breach of contract on behalf of vendor/exporter during Russian mad cow disease ban. Resolution: Vendor partially covered loss in marketplace and settled with supplier for balance.

UCC – Commercial Leasing

Represented commercial lessee in fraud case against insolvent vendor and trade lessor. Resolution: Settlement for significant discount from lease obligation and release from personal guarantee for principal.

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