Commercial Collection Cases

3rd Party Collection

Obtained judgment against insolvent debtor and guarantor. Discovered fraudulently transferred assets during judgment debtor examination and recovered in full from guarantor.

Commercial Services

Litigated against airline for major national long distance telephone company to recover significant unpaid charges.

Bankruptcy Collection

Represented major credit card companies in US Bankruptcy court to prevent discharge of fraudulently incurred charges.

Professional Fees

Sued multi-national corporation for immigration attorney and successfully collected his unpaid fees.

Surety Recovery

Represented surety against principal for full recovery of surety’s payments on personal representative’s bond.

Franchise Fees

Represented travel agency franchisor to collect from guarantor of franchisee on defaulted franchise fees.

Collection Strategy

Retained by law firm to advise on multi-state collection strategy for firm’s client’s eighty million dollar antitrust judgment.


Recovered leased equipment through provisional process on behalf of commercial lessor.

Probate Recovery

Collected judgment on behalf of un-noticed judgment creditor after discovering judgment debtor’s solvent probate estate.


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Field Jerger is known for sophisticated representation in the areas of commercial litigation, bankruptcy, environmental law, intellectual property litigation, construction law and commercial collection. These departments have healthy overlaps and often lead to multi-disciplinary representation within our attorneys’ respective core practice areas.

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